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Work Experience at Anchor Systems

Last week we welcomed Barney for some Work Experience. Over his three days here he delved into both our Vulcan mechanical anchors and our Anchor Screws, as well as gaining insights into specifications and applications. Barney got the chance to try hands-on assembly and equipment use, plus vital tasks like stock counting and warehouse organisation. We’re all wishing Barney the best of luck as he pursues a level 1 Vocational Engineering course at Chichester College. If you or someone you know is looking for some Work Experience, get in contact with us today!

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Introducing the Anchor Screw Brochure

Anchor Screw Brochure Download

Hot off the press and just landed at Anchor Systems HQ is our brand new Anchor Screw brochure! Download it now.

Our patented Anchor Screw is an easy to install foundation solution that has enhanced environmental benefits compared to it’s alternatives.

This system was designed and evolved from the needs of some Network Rail projects that required to improve both the efficiency and sustainability of their standard construction materials and methods.

The Anchor Screw eradicates the need to use concrete and is made in Britain from 100% recycled UK steel. It can also be made with a 100+ year lifespan making it economical as well sustainable.

You can see the system in use in these two project reports:
Hither Green Signalling Renewal Project
Westbourne Park Segregation Barrier Project

Benefits and Features

  • Speed
    Typically installed in under 10 minutes per anchor

  • Easy to Install
    Zero on-track plant or RRV’s required as installed with lightweight, handheld equipment

  • Dust
    Zero dust is generated as no cementitious products required

  • Environmental
    Fully reusable and Made in Britain from UK recycled steel

  • Longevity
    Can be designed with 50 or 100+ year lifespans dependant on client requirements

  • Water and Drying Times
    Zero water consumed or drying time required, as no wet trades involved

  • HAVS
    Zero risk as the installation equipment is non-percussive

  • Noise
    Installation is relatively quiet. The installation equipment runs at 80-85db

  • Versatility
    Easily adjustable to guarantee the correct positioning with patented design features

  • Mess and Waste Materials
    Zero mess due to no digging required nor any general wasted materials, which reduce manhours and project risks


You can download the brochure here: Download Now

Or if you would like to book a CPD presentation for you and your team or get your hands on a physical copy then pop us an email:

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Are you still using concrete?

Did you know that concrete is the most destructive material on Earth?

It is the most widely used man-made material in existence. It is second only to water as the most-consumed resource on the planet. In an ever-changing world where we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we are overlooking one of the biggest causes. Concrete is said to be responsible for around 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. We have focused largely over the past several years on reducing our plastic use, yet all the plastic produced over the past 60 years amounts to 8bn tonnes, the cement industry pumps out more than that every two years.


We are not saying never use concrete. There is a place for concrete until we find something else that compares with it without the negative impact on the environment. But why use concrete unnecessarily?


When looking at foundation systems, instead of digging up vast areas of earth and filling them with concrete, look at alternatives.


The Anchor Post and Anchor Screw are made up from 100% recycled British steel, do not require any concrete to hold them in place and there is no digging required or removing of the soil. As there is no concrete there is no drying time and installations can be completed in a single visit. The unique dome head allows for adjustments to be made easily and simply. Bespoke interface plates can be designed to suit each individual application.

On a recent project with Balfour Beatty and Network Rail (see here), our system was used instead of concrete and the below results were recorded:


  • 60 per cent time saving on foundation installation


  • 40 per cent cost saving of £369 per metre to £221 per metre (derived from man hour savings, elimination of plant requirements, reduced possession requirements)


  • 73 per cent embodied carbon reduction on materials, equivalent to 13,920kg CO2e and 89.4 per cent material saving


  • Zero on-track plant and zero water consumed


  • UK manufacturing and local materials, eliminating mainland European transportation miles


If you would like to find out more about the Anchor Post or Anchor Screw and how it can eradicate the need for concrete and make your next project a more sustainable one, then please email us or contact us on 01342 719 362.

You can also download our brochures here.






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What Is a Vulcan Earth Anchor?

A Vulcan Earth Anchor® is a percussion driven mechanical ground anchor. It can also be referred to as an Earth Anchor or Percussion Anchor.

Vulcan Earth Anchors are used as a cost effective and rapidly installed system to provide a positive force on a verity or projects.

The Vulcan Earth Anchor range was designed by Anchor Systems (International) Ltd as a simple, reliable and cost-effective ground anchoring solution with the ability to provide immediate loading capacities from 1 – 450kN in displaceable ground conditions with extensive applications.


The concept involves a specially designed earth anchor with a larger surface area, attached to high yield tie bars or tendons to suit a variety of conditions, being driven into the ground where it is locked in position. The tensile load is applied, and the exposed end locked off and terminated.


With their ease of use and speed of installation, Vulcan Earth Anchors provide a time and cost saving alternative to more traditional means of anchoring, particularly where tight programme schedules are involved. This combined with the wide range of sizes available means that the Vulcan Earth Anchor has gained recognition across a vast array of applications internationally.



  • Larger surface area allowing the Vulcan Earth Anchor to achieve the greatest holding capacity in all ground conditions
  • Rapid installation
  • Largest range of anchors in the World ranging from 1 – 450kN+
  • We are the only company globally to manufacture and stock fully stainless-steel systems
  • Bespoke design available
  • Huge stock of plant and products with next day delivery available
  • Made in Britain


If you would like more details on our Vulcan Earth Anchor you can view our brochure or email us.


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Anchor Systems on Site


We have been looking back at the behind the scenes and onsite work that we have been doing over the last year. Offering everything from in person and online CPD Presentations, design of products, installation and on-site training.


CPD Presentations

Want to learn more about our products and find out how they can save you time and money on your next project?

Our CPD presentations explain how our products work, the benefits of using them and also how you could utilise them in your upcoming projects. We have a choice of different topics and can offer live online presentations and face to face presentations when social distancing is relaxed.

Click here to find out more or book your CPD presentation.



We work with several Consultant Engineers that support us in providing fully indemnified designs for your projects whilst taking into account the most cost-effective solutions.

When deciding which systems to use on your projects we will always look at conducting a site test so we can be sure that you get the correct product needed and will determine what plant is required for you to complete the job.

Find out more in-depth information about our design process





Training & On-Site Support

We offer bespoke training for our entire product and plant range which can take place either at our head office in West Sussex or on site. This training will then allow your team to install our products themselves which depending on the size of your project could save you a significant amount of money.

As well as training and design, our on-site support has always been a key service to our clients. We can offer additional advice on site as well toolbox talks and site specific advice, we usually attend for the first day(s) of the installation just to offer some tips and advice and make sure that everyone installing is happy in a practical setting with handling the anchors and equipment. Click here for further information.


Installation and Plant Hire

If you would like a complete supply and installation, then we have our very own list of trained and trusted list approved installers who we can arrange to install for you.

If you would like to install yourself and have taken advantage of our training, then we can supply all the plant equipment that you will need to install our products. This equipment can either be hired or purchased directly though us.

Find out more about our plant hire.



If you would like any advice, support, or have any questions about how we could help on your next project please get in touch.


Tel: 01342 719 362



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New Family Member – The Drop-Man Anchor

Welcome to our new addition to the Anchor Family. The Drop-Man Anchor

The Drop-Man® Kit is our newest system to join our tree kit range. As part of our ongoing com­mitment to innovation and providing solutions for our clients we designed a new tree kit system that works in a similar way to our Dead Man Kit. The Drop-Man plates are used to weigh down the tree when traditional anchors cannot be used and there are no heavy objects already available on site to use with a Dead Man Kit. Having all components in one kit makes it easier and more cost effective than having to source kerbstones or sleepers separately.

The Drop-Man plates are attached to high tensile wire which is then looped onto the tensioning strap which is placed over the rootball. The Drop-Man plates are lightweight but provide enough surface area in their concaved shape to hold down trees of up to 7.5m tall. The webbed strapping has a built-in ratchet and includes a ratchet tensioner to provide the ideal level of fastening in a fast and easy to use method.

The Drop-man anchor was named at the end of February 2018 after a naming competition in the office. The name came from the Dead Man Anchor, another one of the Anchor Systems Family.

Some of the suggested names were very funny, and unfortunately not usable, including ‘The Mary Poppins’ and ‘the Parasol’ due to this looking a little like an umbrella shape when held upside down. However Jordan Smith our Operations Manager ended up winning the Lunch voucher, with the ‘Drop-Man Anchor’.

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Launch of the new Vulcan® Tree Anchor system

With our UK Partner and Distributor, Green-Tech

Anchor Systems International Limited partnered up with Green-tech to launch the new Vulcan® Tree Anchor System providing a discreet anchoring system for securing newly planted trees of all sizes in most situations. Our widely used tree kits are strong, durable, practical and very cost effective.

This was launched at FutureScape in November. Our Vulcan Tree Anchoring Systems are the preferred method of securing saplings, Rootballs and supporting established trees. The speed of installation and simplicity of the systems makes Anchor Systems (Interna­tional) Ltd the market leader.

Richard Kay, The Chairman of Green-Tech said: “We’re excited to unveil, after an extensive R&D period, our new tree anchoring kits. They are borne from the extensive civil engineering, ground reinforcement and utility knowledge of The Anchor Systems team and our own wealth of knowledge that comes from supplying anchor systems to the landscape industry for nearly 25 years.”

With Green-tech’s unique insight into installer needs and pitfalls, Anchor Systems was able to design and manufacture a robust and reliable system that meets all end-users requirements. We also offer site visits to assist with the initial installations.

The Vulcan® tree anchor kits are simple to install, easy to adjust and user friendly.

Other benefits of our new tree kit systems

  • Made in Britain – quality and reduced lead times.
  • Produced from high grade steel – stronger and better longevity.
  • The Vulcan Earth Anchor has a larger surface area than previous designs and alternatives on the market – achieves higher loads in poor ground conditions.
  • Wide variety of systems and solutions
  • Multiple anchor installation options – hand held or machine driven.
  • Wider range of 5 different size anchors for small trees under 2m to large trees over 12m
  • Increased durability – lifespan ranges from temporary works to 120 + years.
  • Available with wire or high yield bar tendons.
  • Innovative root ball protection for direct load transfer and easier installation.
  • Universal tools and simple assembly.
  • Cosmetically appealing above and below ground.

Anchor Systems hope to continue working with Green-Tech and developing new ideas in the future. We are constantly developing, innovating and updating our extensive range of unique over ground and underground fixing solutions to suit all applications, so watch this space for further updates to come.

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