Horticulture & Agriculture

Vineyards & Viniculture

Globally, there are approximately 20 million acres or vineyards that required constant maintenance and adaption. England alone, has over 500 vineyards with more in Wales and Scotland. All vineyards are mostly covered in rows upon rows of trellis systems that support the grapevines. In the past, traditional systems that support the vines have failed due to poor materials and techniques used.

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd have supplied vineyard trellis anchoring systems for years and have an extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Our systems, using the Vulcan Earth Anchor, are cost effective, simple and rapid to install and achieve a sustained tension to the trellis system to eliminate sagging and failure.

High Density/Yield Orchards

With new growing techniques being used to increase the volume each acre of a fruit farm can produce there is a requirement for new tree support systems to help hold up the fruit trees throughout their lifespan. This can easily be achieved with a similar system that the vineyard industry uses. The weight of fruit trees versus the weight of grapevines is much greater so a more robust system is often needed.

Horticulture & Landscaping

At Anchor Systems we provide anchoring systems for many horticultural and landscaping applications.

Our main contribution to the landscaping market is our extensive range of tree kits, offering a discreet anchoring system for securing newly planted trees of all sizes. Anchor Systems has been constantly developing, innovating and updating our range of unique underground fixing solutions in line with our customer’s requirements. Our wide variety of solutions and quality make us first choice for all sapling and tree anchoring needs.

Tree Kit Systems We Offer

  • Dead Man Kit- Wired or Strap
  • Drop Man Kit- Wired or Strap
  • Rootball Fixing Kit- Wired or Strap
  • Overhead Guying Kit- Wired
  • Containerised Rootball Fixing Kit- Wired

For further information on our full tree kit range please see here

Other landscaping products we offer include solutions for slope stabilisation and pinning, erosion control and the securing of geotextiles and garden furniture.


Our ground anchoring technology is an ideal solution for the rapid installation of poly tunnels and permanent or temporary structures for crop and machinery storage as well as animal housing systems. With no need for concrete or wet trades, our anchors are operational immediately at time of installation with minimal plant required, perfect for hard to access locations. With minimal ground disturbance and no need for hard standing or excavation, land can often be returned to its original state when required.

Our extensive range of anchors cover larger scale stabilisation using our Vulcan Earth Anchors, to securing smaller foundations such as animal pens and securing equestrian jumps and animal shelters. We offer a bespoke design service with vast experience across an extensive range of applications and will be happy to help with any enquiry big or small.

Agricultural Applications

  • Permanent or Temporary Structures
  • Animal housing
  • Hay and straw storage
  • Polytunnels
  • Pig arks
  • Cross-country fencing
  • Mobile field shelters
  • Timber Buildings
  • Outbuildings
  • Fencing
  • Securing machinery and quads
  • Sheds and Greenhouses
  • Crop protection netting systems