With the constant acceleration of population growth and therefore the need to expand our towns and cities and the infrastructure that feeds them – new and upgrades to pipelines for water distribution and water storage as well as gas & oil, drainage and sewage are constantly required.

Pipeline anchored down using Vulcan Earth Anchors and webbing straps

Whether you are installing a pipe for water, gas, oil or drainage & sewage – the installation method will require some form of stabilisation or buoyancy control to prevent movement which can cause damage to the pipe. Movement can occur through several environmental conditions such as ground heave, temperature changes, vibration, change in ground conditions or the introduction of water. Our systems stabilise and tether pipes in position but do allow for a small amount of flexibility, so breakages don’t occur.

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd have provided bespoke anchoring systems to the pipeline industry for many years and we have technical approval for our products and systems associated with pipeline stabilisation and buoyancy control from GDF Suez. Whether your installation is above or below ground level or underwater, our Vulcan pipeline anchoring systems come with an array of benefits over traditional systems including:

  • Simple, quick and cost-effective installation
  • Available for small or large pipes
  • Bespoke design to suit your installation
  • 120+ years design life
  • Instant proof loading
  • Loading up to 450KN
  • Largest and most versatile range of Earth Anchors globally
  • Our systems don’t damage pipelines or their coatings
  • No need for extra specialised equipment
  • Installation can be carried out in all weather conditions
  • Load equalization between anchor points

Due to a larger surface area of each of our ground anchors in The Vulcan range – much higher loads are achieved than others that may seem comparable. This allows a greater load to be achieved from a smaller anchor.

We also offer solutions and anchoring systems for securing of geotextiles, often required in completing pipeline projects to minimise any surface erosion until vegetation takes place.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable team who can help you with any enquiry associated with the pipeline industry and will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

We also offer the following services:

  • Fully indemnified design service
  • On & off-site training
  • Site survey & testing
  • Large stock of systems with little or no lead times
  • Technical presentations
  • Large stock of all plant and equipment
  • Full after care service
  • List of all trained and approved installers available