Due to factors such as population increase, use of renewable energy and the electric car revolution – massive pressures and stress are being placed upon the National Grid. This creates a constant need for upgrading and maintenance to meet all these demands.

Anchor Systems have supplied ground anchoring systems to the Utilities sector since 1995 with a well proven track record. We have developed our product range and installation equipment to ensure a much more effective installation process, resulting in an efficient project delivery and an overall reduction in cost.

Our Vulcan Earth Anchor has been combined with other parts from our large accessory range to form 2 main systems that are widely used in the utility market. They are:

Scaffold Anchor Systems

Our Scaffold Anchor and catenary wire systems are mainly used to tether back, and secure scaffolding towers used for overhead line maintenance. Scaffolding towers can be erected either side of a road, railway track or river to support protective netting that is spanned from one scaffold tower to another. It is imperative that the protective netting maintains a minimum clearance of 6.1 metres above any road or highway, allowing for factors such as high winds, rain and snow that may cause the netting to move or sag.

Our Vulcan Earth Anchor can pass undetected and buried cables with its streamlined profile and slim shape which allows it to be diverted and slip past most objects that are in the ground. Ideal for installation in difficult to access areas, our ground anchors are operational immediately with full load capacity achieved at the time of installation. In-line with customer requirements we have developed a new bar system allowing the easy removal of anchor accessories should land need to be returned to its original state.

Our systems have been used by and developed with the following companies:

  • EA Technology
  • Brand Energy
  • Complete Access
  • Tone Scaffolding
  • Babcocks
  • Complete Access
  • Lyndon Scaffolding

Backstay Anchor Systems

How a backstay anchor worksOur backstay anchors are used for a quick and simple method of stabilisation and guying of telecommunication and national grid infrastructures, including masts and wooden poles. Compliant with Energy Networks Association (ENA) Technical Specification (TS), we supply several Distribution Network Operators (DNO) with our Vulcan Backstay earth anchors.

Anchor Systems offer the largest range of Earth Anchors on the market, providing a wide choice of options readily available for a varying array of applications and load requirements. Well proven in the Utilities and telecommunications sector, Vulcan Earth AnchorsĀ® have gained industry recognition for outperforming other means of ground anchoring in terms of cost-effectiveness, project delivery times and ease of use. We hold a huge stock of Type 1 and Type 2 utility backstay systems which are compliant to BS: EN 1537.2000 & BS 8081

Utility Applications for the Vulcan Earth AnchorĀ®

  • Emergency restoration towers
  • Telecom poles
  • Masts and antennas
  • Electricity poles
  • Power line crossings
  • Tower refurbishment or replacement
  • Alternative to concrete Kentledges