Vulcan Earth Anchors

The Vulcan Earth Anchor range was designed by Anchor Systems (International) Ltd as a simple, reliable and cost-effective ground anchoring solution. These well proven earth anchors provide immediate loading capacities of 1-450kN in most displaceable ground and can be installed easily and quickly in an extensive number of applications across many sectors. The Vulcan Earth Anchor comes with many benefits over alternative systems including:

List of Benefits

  • Larger surface area means that Vulcan anchors can achieve greater capacity than others on the market
  • Rapid installation times
  • Largest range of anchors in the UK ranging from 1-450kN
  • Anchor systems are the only company to make anchors in stainless steel
  • Durability and quality (up to 120+ years)
  • Low environmental impact
  • Cost effective
  • Competitive lead times and high quantities of stock available
  • Bespoke design available
  • Made in Britain
  • Large range of accessories and finish plates available



The concept involves a specially designed anchor with a large surface area that is linked to a high yield tie bar or tendon. The anchor can then can be driven into the ground to the required depth, have a tensile load applied to the tendon which then, in turn, rotates the anchor, allowing the exposed end to be terminated and locked into position with any one of our large range of accessories and plates depending on the application and your requirements.

The Vulcan Earth Anchors can easily and rapidly be installed with either hand held equipment or machine, depending on the anchor size and ground conditions. The installation can be carried out with little or no disruption to the structure or surrounding soil or ground you are retaining, stabilising or tethering.

Anchor Systems offer a full range of services to help you, including advice, design, equipment hire, site testing & supervision, training and aftercare. We have a great team who are very experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of ground anchoring and will always be happy to help and make sure you receive the most suitable anchoring solution for your project along with the best possible service. We also offer bespoke solutions and designs that are specifically tailored to your specific requirements.

The Vulcan Earth Anchors are extensively used across many sectors and environments. The anchor can be combined with a number of accessories, tendons and plates to form systems that can be utilised in many different applications and solutions.


  • Sheet piles & trench sheeting
  • Road & Rail embankments & cuttings
  • Retaining walls
  • Bridge abutments
  • Lock & canal walls
  • Tunnel linings
  • Gabion baskets
  • Geotextiles & bio rolls
  • Scaffolding
  • Guyed structures & masts
  • Temporary re-locatable structures
  • Pipelines & bouys
  • Seabed matting
  • Floating docks
  • Revetment matting
  • Coastal defences
  • Cliff stabilisation
  • Overhead gantries
  • Tree kits
  • Ski mats
  • Security chains & locks
  • Covered tennis courts
slope stabilisation using geosynthetics and vulcan earth anchors

Geotextile and Slope Stabilisation Anchor Systems

We offer a wide range of solutions for Geotextile and slope stabilisation and erosion control. Our mechanical anchoring systems are designed for any ground, earth and soil stabilisation associated with geotechnical engineering and securing geotextile and geosynthetic materials into position until vegetation can take effect.

For more information on our geotextile solutions please see here

Bar and Wire System

Bar and Wire Vulcan Earth Anchor

Our bar and wire system has been developed to be an ideal solution for the environments of Marine and Geotextile anchoring. Anchor Systems has created a new tendon design which offers a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional Ali-Bronze shackle; this solution combines the wire solution with a bar to increase durability when submersed under water or in harsh soil conditions.

  • Unique bar to wire point
  • 6mm SS construction grade wire
  • 10mm SS bar suitable for marine use
  • AS- 10 Anchor for optimum hold
  • Takes away the need for an Ali-Bronze shackle
  • Nylon thimble to combat bimetallic corrosion
Anchor drain used for wall drainange

Vulcan Anchor Drain

Poor drainage and increased rainfall can generate water compression and water pressure behind retaining walls and slopes, that results in hydraulic forces creating instability under the slope or behind the retaining wall.

Installing the Anchor Drain in conjunction with the Vulcan Earth Anchor for slope and retaining wall drainage is a vital part of ensuring their future stability. Allowing the water to hydrostatically escape through the specially designed channels in the Anchor Drain will prevent any future damage. The Anchor Drain is easily and quickly installed in the same way and uses the same equipment and plant as the Vulcan Earth Anchor and requires no excavation.

Our Anchor Drains are a quick, simple and effective means of reducing hydraulic pressure, water puddling within clay slopes and behind retaining walls.

Our Anchor Drain system provides a relief in water pressure through deep infiltration. A length of ‘Mebradrain’ wicking material is secured to the Vulcan anchor by means of cable ties and strain relief nuts. Once the anchor has been installed the drive rod is withdrawn and the Anchor Drain provides an instant drainage channel. Installing the Anchor Drain is a valuable method of ensuring the future stability of a slope.

  • Ideal for road and railway embankments and retaining walls
  • Relieves puddle pressure
  • Prevents ground becoming saturated
  • Helps avoid embankment failure
  • Rapidly and easily installed
  • Available in cast iron with carbon steel or stainless steel bar
Pipeline installation using vulcan anchoring system

Vulcan Pipeline Anchor System

Our Vulcan Earth Anchors® are widely used within the pipeline industry for a quick and easy way of securing and protecting transmission pipelines against buoyancy and preventing clay heave.

Our cutting-edge anchoring technology eliminates the need for concrete and wet trades, requires no excavation and allows full load capacity to be achieved at the time of installation with equal load distribution between anchor points.

Our pipeline system works with two anchoring points at either side of the pipeline, the strap is looped and connected to the anchors before tensioning with a ratchet tensioner over the pipeline, making installation far easier and more reliable than loading at each anchoring point.

  • For land or underwater applications
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Kelvar webbing connects pairs of anchors to secure pipeline
Scaffold Anchors

Scaffold Anchor

Our Scaffold Anchor and catenary wire system for overhead line maintenance is widely used for the security and safety of work personnel carrying out works over highways.

We have developed our new AS-20 scaffold system to offer an easier, faster installation and load locking process whilst offering a higher factor of safety on the systems components and limiting manual handling requirements on site.

The system has an easily removable bar, requiring zero plant for removal and the bar and eye nut can be used multiple times.

To overcome potential risks of cable strike associated with typical ground anchor installation methods, our AS-20 mechanical ground anchor has the capacity to pass buried cables by displacing the soil. The system will ease past buried cables unlike a helix or helical anchor which does not allow for deviation as the systems are rigid.

This is extremely significant in preventing damage to gas pipes, water pipes or electrical cables which in worst case scenarios, could result in loss of harm of life. Over 500,000 Vulcan Earth Anchors systems have been supplied and installed without cable strike.

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How a backstay anchor works

Back Stay Anchor

The Vulcan AS90 Backstay Anchor has been developed based on the requirements set out in the Energy Networks Association (ENA) Technical Specification (TS) 43-91, Stay fittings for overhead poles. Anchor Systems typically provide a 2m and 3m Backstay system which is compliant based on employing a continuity band that allows electricity to be safely channelled to ground in the event of a lightning strike.

The Vulcan Earth Anchor® backstay tendon is galvanised, and plastic coated to provide added protection to increase durability within the system. The 2m and 3m standard backstay systems are colour coded for ease of selection.

Anchor Systems supply a number of Distribution Network Operators (DNO) with the Vulcan® Backstay guying anchor to accommodate new wooden pole construction.

For further information please see here

Combi-Tec & Sock Anchors

Our Combi-Tech and Sock Anchors provide an ideal solution for heritage applications such as listed building renovations and large-scale refurbishment projects were appearance and planning constraints need to be considered. They offer a completely concealed top termination to preserve the original appearance of a structure.


Combi-Tec Anchor

Developed by Anchor Systems, the Combi-Tech system comprises a stainless-steel tube, font plate and polyester sock which is inserted over the installed anchor before pressure filling with grout to produce a mechanical and chemical bond with the structure. This delivers a totally concealed top.


Sock Anchor

Our sock anchor is a fully grouted bar system for stabilising damaged masonry, used for stitching cracked walls and stabilising rubble filled walls.

For more information on our Sock Anchor system please click here

Tree Kits

Anchor Systems offer an extensive range of tree kits, providing a discreet anchoring system for securing newly planted trees of all sizes in most situations. Our widely used tree kits are strong, durable, practical and very cost effective.

For our full range of tree kits please see here