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Training Day in Leeds

Last week we were training Murpheys Group up at their compound in Leeds. The focus being in the installation of the Rapid Route System, which we are in partnership with Scott Parnell. The System is to be installed for the Transpennine Route Upgrade East (TRUe) in the near future. Whilst we were carrying out the training with the two teams you can see our new GRP Lighting Bollard System on display, had caught some eyes. This system we’re currently working on in partnership with Urbis Schrèder.

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With our continuous growth and Anchor Systems fast becoming the preferred supplier of ground anchoring systems within the Rail sector, we are pleased to announce that Matt Barber has joined us as Rail Manager.

Matt brings with him over 4 years of experience and a vast knowledge of systems within the Rail industry, as well as a passion for innovation and design.



We asked Matt a few questions to get to know him better:

How long have you been in the industry? I have been working in the Rail industry for the past 4 years and working with Anchor Systems for the past year and half as a supplier.

What part of your work has been the most enjoyable in that time? I’ve enjoyed being part of an ever changing industry, where innovation is taking the front foot on improvements within the rail. There is a huge investment in the Rail and I enjoy being part of this investment.

What are you most excited about in your new role here at Anchor Systems? I am excited about being part of a well established and an international leader of ground anchoring systems and being part of an excellent team. I hope to be a key member in the companies continuous growth within the Rail industry and bring my experience into my new role as Rail Manager.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? My spare time is mostly spent with my wife Becky and our 3 daughters, but when we have the time we like to travel and hope to see more of Europe and the UK.

Welcome to the team, Matt.

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Magazine Articles

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd have featured in a number of Rail Professional publications, below are the issues we have featured in this year.

Click on the images to read the relating articles:

March 2022

In the March issue, you can read about our new Quick-Stage with Anchor Screw foundations used on a Network Rail project in Flitwick, Bedfordshire.


May 2022

In May’s issue, read about a project where Anchor System’s Vulcan Earth anchors were used to stabilise railway bridge abutments on the A339 in Alton.


June 2022

In the June issue, read about our new and existing innovative level crossing and trackside systems.

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Following the success of last year’s event, we will be back – bigger and better than before for 2022!

Find us across stands M6A – M6C where we will be showcasing our Anchor Screw products and Vulcan Earth Anchors.

Come and see some of our latest systems already in use for Network Rail, installation demos / videos, new innovations, and information on how our products can benefit your next trackside project.


Rail Live is the largest plant exhibition in the UK and entry is free – click HERE to book your tickets.


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New Hydraulic Power Pack


We have upgraded our range of Hydraulic Power Pack’s to include more benefits for the user.


  • Collapsible handle – Making it easy to manoeuvre

  • Hinged carry lid – Provides somewhere to carry hoses while still being able to easily access the engine

  • UK manufactured engine – Reliable and easily serviceable

  • 20-30L – Can be used to install Anchor Posts, Anchor Screws and Vulcan Earth Anchors

  • Available to hire or purchase


Download the technical information brochure HERE


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Are you still using concrete?

Did you know that concrete is the most destructive material on Earth?

It is the most widely used man-made material in existence. It is second only to water as the most-consumed resource on the planet. In an ever-changing world where we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we are overlooking one of the biggest causes. Concrete is said to be responsible for around 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. We have focused largely over the past several years on reducing our plastic use, yet all the plastic produced over the past 60 years amounts to 8bn tonnes, the cement industry pumps out more than that every two years.


We are not saying never use concrete. There is a place for concrete until we find something else that compares with it without the negative impact on the environment. But why use concrete unnecessarily?


When looking at foundation systems, instead of digging up vast areas of earth and filling them with concrete, look at alternatives.


The Anchor Post and Anchor Screw are made up from 100% recycled British steel, do not require any concrete to hold them in place and there is no digging required or removing of the soil. As there is no concrete there is no drying time and installations can be completed in a single visit. The unique dome head allows for adjustments to be made easily and simply. Bespoke interface plates can be designed to suit each individual application.

On a recent project with Balfour Beatty and Network Rail (see here), our system was used instead of concrete and the below results were recorded:


  • 60 per cent time saving on foundation installation


  • 40 per cent cost saving of £369 per metre to £221 per metre (derived from man hour savings, elimination of plant requirements, reduced possession requirements)


  • 73 per cent embodied carbon reduction on materials, equivalent to 13,920kg CO2e and 89.4 per cent material saving


  • Zero on-track plant and zero water consumed


  • UK manufacturing and local materials, eliminating mainland European transportation miles


If you would like to find out more about the Anchor Post or Anchor Screw and how it can eradicate the need for concrete and make your next project a more sustainable one, then please email us or contact us on 01342 719 362.

You can also download our brochures here.






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Covid-19 Statement from Anchor Systems

Our approach to COVID-19

The senior management team of Anchor Systems (International) Ltd takes the COVID-19 threat seriously and we are taking all reasonable measures to prepare for and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our team members, our clients, and our business. Anchor Systems will closely monitor activities and adapt our operations to the changing environment.


Our employees

Anchor Systems acknowledges that employers have a vital role to play by taking the necessary action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and their families.

Our employees have received COVID-19 training and are committed to maintaining strict social distancing and hygiene standards by following the advice from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England.


Our office

We have taken additional precautions to protect our team in the office. Newly introduced measures include increased cleaning and disinfection, high visibility signage to maintain safe social distancing, rearrangement of the office desks with Perspex protective screens, limited access for visitors and the availability of personal protective equipment.

All visitors to our office will be asked to read this statement and agree to comply with our new working practices. All visitors must complete a Visitor’s Questionnaire to self-declare their health status as part of the governments track and trace recommendations. Any visitor who declares COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to visit our office.

If our employees are asked to visit a client or a partner site, they must be provided with similar COVID-19 protections from the client and they shall adhere to all regulations in addition to the government guidelines.


Meetings/Site visits

Meetings will, where possible, take place virtually or over the phone.
Site visits will still continue and the level of service our customers receive will not be affected. Full PPE is given to all our staff and they are also kept up to date with the latest government guidelines.


CPD Presentations

All CPD presentations will now be held virtually and can be booked in by emailing


Our services

You can still contact us in the usual formats, either by calling our main office number (01342 719 362), or by emailing us. Our facilities and arrangements with key manufacturers and suppliers allow us to continue to support our clients fully through increased stockholding and immediate availability for most products. We are determined to continue safely providing the levels of service our clients have come to expect of us in the face of this adversity.

Irrespective of any other works that may or may not be carried out, we shall continue to attend customer sites and our sales team remains available to offer advice by phone and email.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, our best wishes go out to our clients, service partners and wider supply chain.



Hadley Smith

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What Is a Vulcan Earth Anchor?

A Vulcan Earth Anchor® is a percussion driven mechanical ground anchor. It can also be referred to as an Earth Anchor or Percussion Anchor.

Vulcan Earth Anchors are used as a cost effective and rapidly installed system to provide a positive force on a verity or projects.

The Vulcan Earth Anchor range was designed by Anchor Systems (International) Ltd as a simple, reliable and cost-effective ground anchoring solution with the ability to provide immediate loading capacities from 1 – 450kN in displaceable ground conditions with extensive applications.


The concept involves a specially designed earth anchor with a larger surface area, attached to high yield tie bars or tendons to suit a variety of conditions, being driven into the ground where it is locked in position. The tensile load is applied, and the exposed end locked off and terminated.


With their ease of use and speed of installation, Vulcan Earth Anchors provide a time and cost saving alternative to more traditional means of anchoring, particularly where tight programme schedules are involved. This combined with the wide range of sizes available means that the Vulcan Earth Anchor has gained recognition across a vast array of applications internationally.



  • Larger surface area allowing the Vulcan Earth Anchor to achieve the greatest holding capacity in all ground conditions
  • Rapid installation
  • Largest range of anchors in the World ranging from 1 – 450kN+
  • We are the only company globally to manufacture and stock fully stainless-steel systems
  • Bespoke design available
  • Huge stock of plant and products with next day delivery available
  • Made in Britain


If you would like more details on our Vulcan Earth Anchor you can view our brochure or email us.


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Expanding Our Offices

At the start of the year we expanded our offices as we were expanding our workforce and running out of desks.

We added in space for more desks and a dedicated meeting room which we were desperately in need for.

In addition to the new inside space we have also overhauled our signage across all our units as we have expanded from one unit to three over the last couple of years and wanted to make it clear to our visitors where to go when they arrive on site.

Unfortunately thanks to Covid we have been unable to show off all our hard work to any visitors so here is a gallery so here’s a sneak peak at what we have been up to…



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Anchor Systems on Site


We have been looking back at the behind the scenes and onsite work that we have been doing over the last year. Offering everything from in person and online CPD Presentations, design of products, installation and on-site training.


CPD Presentations

Want to learn more about our products and find out how they can save you time and money on your next project?

Our CPD presentations explain how our products work, the benefits of using them and also how you could utilise them in your upcoming projects. We have a choice of different topics and can offer live online presentations and face to face presentations when social distancing is relaxed.

Click here to find out more or book your CPD presentation.



We work with several Consultant Engineers that support us in providing fully indemnified designs for your projects whilst taking into account the most cost-effective solutions.

When deciding which systems to use on your projects we will always look at conducting a site test so we can be sure that you get the correct product needed and will determine what plant is required for you to complete the job.

Find out more in-depth information about our design process





Training & On-Site Support

We offer bespoke training for our entire product and plant range which can take place either at our head office in West Sussex or on site. This training will then allow your team to install our products themselves which depending on the size of your project could save you a significant amount of money.

As well as training and design, our on-site support has always been a key service to our clients. We can offer additional advice on site as well toolbox talks and site specific advice, we usually attend for the first day(s) of the installation just to offer some tips and advice and make sure that everyone installing is happy in a practical setting with handling the anchors and equipment. Click here for further information.


Installation and Plant Hire

If you would like a complete supply and installation, then we have our very own list of trained and trusted list approved installers who we can arrange to install for you.

If you would like to install yourself and have taken advantage of our training, then we can supply all the plant equipment that you will need to install our products. This equipment can either be hired or purchased directly though us.

Find out more about our plant hire.



If you would like any advice, support, or have any questions about how we could help on your next project please get in touch.


Tel: 01342 719 362



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