Anchor Screw

Our patented Anchor Screw is an easy to install foundation solution, eradicating the need for traditional methods like concrete. Manufactured entirely in the UK from recycled steel a

nd with a design life in excess of 50 years. Through the design of the dome head and bespoke interface plates, this is a very versatile and flexible foundation system that allows the structure that is to be mounted on the Anchor Screw to always be correctly positioned. Anchor Screws come in a selection of sizes that suit a range of loads and projects, used singularly or in multiples with a common interface plate, to achieve even greater capabilities. Typically installed in less than 10 minutes, the Anchor Screw allows work to progress without the need for drying times.

Key Benefits of the Anchor Screw

  • No concrete so no dust, drying or curing times
  • Speed and ease of installation – typically installed in under 10 minutes per anchor
  • Easy to install – most installations can be completed in one visit
  • Installed using non-percussive hand-held equipment with zero risk of HAVS
  • 50 or 100 + year design life
  • Versatile design which can be adjusted to guarantee the correct positioning
  • Zero on-track plant or RRV’s required
  • Bespoke designs available
  • No waste materials or muck away
  • Made in Britain from 100% recycled steel
  • Training available
  • Installation guides and other relevant documentation available on request


Anchor Screws are available in a variety of sizes and designs for a multitude of purposes in varying ground conditions. The patented adjustable interface connection allows for a 7° alignment in all directions to guarantee the correct positioning. for different uses and applications. They can be designed to work singularly or to combine with each other to suit larger structures.

The design of the Anchor Screw, with it’s coned upper body, large domed head, flights and large overall body allows it to withstand much larger loads than that of the Anchor Post. Installation times are typically between 5-8 minutes regardless of ground conditions. This system is also an ideal choice in noise sensitive areas. During installation the noise exposure levels are between 80-85db at 2 metres.

Due to the installation methodology, the Anchor Screw produces no HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome). It is screwed into the ground with a rotary action produced through a torque head. The smooth turning action via the machine does not produce any vibration which can cause HAVS.

We have developed all the plant required for the installation, removal and testing of the Anchor Screw and hold stock at our headquarters in West Sussex, which can be hired for your project. Anchor Systems also provide a full suite of training packages, onsite or at our headquarters, to suit your requirements.

We offer a complete design service and have a knowledgeable and friendly team that will be happy to help and guide you through any enquiry.


Applications and uses

  • Trackside cable management (CRMS)
  • Cable stiles
  • Lighting and signalling post foundations
  • Embankment steps and walkway foundations
  • Solar panels
  • Signage posts
  • Fencing posts
  • Barriers
  • Park and playground equipment
  • Rockfall barriers
  • Security fencing
  • Mooring bollards
  • Handrails
  • Park benches
  • Street furniture
  • Railway platforms
  • Cabinet platforms
  • Elevated walkways
Segregation barrier with Anchor Screw Foundation System

Segregation Barrier

Our Anchor Screw was designed with a domed head to enable a variety of interface plates to be connected, furthermore it offers horizontal and lateral adjustment to ensure the asset is always level. The GRP handrail interface can be used for hand rails and barriers on the Anchor Screw, which is suitable for a majority of ground conditions. This is a preferred system for use in the rail sector due to it’s hand-held installation which requires no RRV’s or track plant. The fact that this is a zero concrete solution means a carbon reduction of around 70% on most jobs.

Anchor Screw Signage Solution

Signage Solutions

Our Anchor Screw foundation systems can be used for rail or highway signage. The design means there is no excavation or concrete required, allows for rapid installation and is fully removable. This system offers a hand-held installation with lo0w noise and zero HAVS

Anchor Screw Foundation System

Platform Foundation System

The Anchor Screw comes in varying sizes and forms. For platform foundations, a lead Anchor Screw Pile and extension piles can be connected together for installation in greater or varying depths. This makes the system ideal for projects such as case staging platforms on railway embankment slopes or even for entire train station platforms.

Anchor Screw Foundation Solution for elevated cable route management system

Elevated Cable Route System

Eliminating the need for cast in-situ posts, the Anchor Screw foundation system can be used to support elevated cable routes and a range of different super-structures. The revolutionary system was first installed on Network Rail infrastructure in February 2020. Cost savings of 40% (compared to traditional methods) and time savings of 60% were recorded for the foundation installation. Furthermore, a 73% embodied carbon reduction on materials, equivalent to 13920kg of CO2e and an 89.4% material saving.