Working at Anchor Systems


What’s it like to work for Anchor Systems?

Years of success and growth has enabled us to build an environment and culture where we put our employees first.

We recognise that our team is what makes our business unique and when we look after them, our internal happiness and motivation can shine through in our exemplary service standards.

Here’s what to expect if you work with us:


Training and development

It requires a certain mind-set to be part of our team, because each and every individual aspires to become the best possible version of themselves. That’s why we invest in comprehensive training for our employees.

We offer extensive internal training to make our team experts in the company services and products.

In addition to that, our HR and Talent Manager has 14 years of experience in business training and coaching and designs tailored training programmes to empower our team with powerful knowledge, tools and techniques.

Over and above training, employees receive 1-2-1 coaching to support their career aspirations and develop exceptional skill-sets. We also invest in transformational coaching because we want our employees to be happy in every aspect of their life and we support them in creating the life they want for themselves.



We love our team to have joy in the job and we love to create happiness at work. Experience tells us that happy employees create a far superior customer experience and this is reflected in the fact that the majority of our business is repeated or recommended.

Whilst we encourage fun and joy, we trust our team to work efficiently to deliver outstanding work and we are very grateful to have an incredible team that treats the work like it is their own business.

If you are inspired by the idea of working for a business where self-leadership is promoted and you’re encouraged to balance high performance with plenty of joy and team spirit, you would fit in with our approach very well.

It’s important to say that we have a very open and honest culture. The Directors want to hear your opinions good, bad and ugly. Within our business, our team are encouraged to express themselves and be true to what they want and need.

It’s our view, that we want people to perform to the highest possible standard and therefore we create the environment and culture to support that.


Career development

100% of our team have either achieved significant career progression or have career progression plans in place.

We work closely with our team to understand what is important to them about their career so that we can help them reach and exceed their goals.

Even if promotional opportunities are not available all the time, we are always open to increasing responsibilities and rewards when employees have skills that can benefit the business.

We are continuing to grow and expand and love having a happy team that grows with us.



Our training and development culture enables us to support Apprentices seeking an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Working closely with local training providers, we support Apprentices with valuable on the job training and off the job study time.

At the end of the Apprenticeship, Apprentices gain full qualification and have the opportunity to be considered for full time opportunities available. We always like to keep talent!


We are always looking for top talent

Even if we don’t have vacancies available, we are always keen to hear from talented professionals seeking opportunities within an Office, Warehouse or Marketing position.

If you are interested in working for us, please send an email and your CV to