Domestic use

Our range of Vulcan Earth Anchors and Anchor Posts are ideal for use in the domestic market for the securing of items such as trampolines and tents and can be used as a foundation system for sheds and contemporary garden rooms as well as decking. The Anchor Post can also be used for mounting items such as washing lines, fence posts and other garden structures and ornamental framework. These systems eliminate the need for hardcore and concrete which can be unnecessarily messy and labour intensive. Our Anchors require no heavy machinery, can be carried through the house and installed by using hand held equipment with no soil disturbance or mess. Our anchoring systems also have the advantage of easy removal when structures need to be relocated or removed.

Domestic applications

  • Sheds, garden rooms and outbuildings
  • Decking
  • Garden furniture
  • Lighting
  • Bike security
  • Sheltering structures
  • Security chains and locks
  • Camping equipment




With the growth in alternative sources of ‘green’ energy, Anchor Posts have proven themselves to be an extremely reliable and efficient way to secure the support framework for solar farms. As many of these installations can be in relatively inaccessible rural locations, the use of lightweight installation equipment and systems whilst eliminating the need to use concrete is a major practical benefit.

Not only are Anchor Posts far quicker and cheaper to install than traditional concrete, they also have a lower environmental impact and are manufactured from recycled steel. The elimination of wet trades removes the contamination to the ground that most companies wish to avoid, particularly if the ground is to be returned to its natural state after its design life.

Our solar applications can be used in most situations to achieve a single line and level for the installation of solar farms. Any misalignment in the installation can be rectified by using the 10-15 degrees of flexibility in the interface plate that is sited on top of the anchor post. We do not use wedges or spacers to correct radial misalignment.