Lucy’s Railway Bridge – Network Rail

Lucy’s Bridge Stabilisation

  • CLIENT : Network Rail
  • CONSULTANT : Crouch Waterfall & Partners
  • CONTRACTORS : Suttle Projects


As part of Network Rails asset repair and refurbishment programme Lucy’s Bridge was selected for repairs.


Lucy’s Bridge is the only pedestrian and single vehicle access to a local housing estate and Caravan Park in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Suttle Projects were awarded the contract to provide the repairs to the structure based on the survey and subsequent recommendations of engineer Crouch Waterfall & Partners. The wing walls were identified as having a number of repairs to the brickwork, brickwork mortar and coping units. Anchor Systems (International) Ltd mechanical ground anchor solution was identified by the engineer as a system of choice to stabilise all four wing walls and both spandrel walls.


A complete stainless steel mechanical ground anchor solution has been designed and developed to ensure the longest durability based on the aggressive nature of the soils adjacent to the railway structure. Suttle Projects had a number of challenges on the project and the most important was keeping the access open to cars and pedestrians while working in a limited access area.



Anchor Systems supported Suttle Projects in the confirmation and verification of the stainless steel mechanical ground anchor system proposed by the engineer. The engineer had proposed the mechanical ground anchor system as it is an anchoring system that is portable and is commonly used on projects with difficult access as well as major projects. The mechanical ground anchor system was also employed with Anchor Systems specialist recessed pattress plates commonly used in pedestrian zones.


After the verification process Anchor Systems were engaged to supply four stainless steel mechanical ground anchor test anchors and the attendance of our site supervisor to support and assist in the installation and loading of the test anchors. The test anchors were installed within a day shift and the loading requirement designated by the engineer was achieved and surpassed beyond expectation.


The use of test anchors is whole heartedly recommended by Anchor Systems to practically confirm the designer’s requirements prior to major purchases of product. As a result of the successful test the remaining anchors were ordered for the project and installed within the project programme and budget. The project was a collaborative effort from design to installation between all parties concerned.


CLICK HERE to download the project report.