New Family Member – The Drop-Man Anchor

Welcome to our new addition to the Anchor Family. The Drop-Man Anchor

The Drop-Man® Kit is our newest system to join our tree kit range. As part of our ongoing com­mitment to innovation and providing solutions for our clients we designed a new tree kit system that works in a similar way to our Dead Man Kit. The Drop-Man plates are used to weigh down the tree when traditional anchors cannot be used and there are no heavy objects already available on site to use with a Dead Man Kit. Having all components in one kit makes it easier and more cost effective than having to source kerbstones or sleepers separately.

The Drop-Man plates are attached to high tensile wire which is then looped onto the tensioning strap which is placed over the rootball. The Drop-Man plates are lightweight but provide enough surface area in their concaved shape to hold down trees of up to 7.5m tall. The webbed strapping has a built-in ratchet and includes a ratchet tensioner to provide the ideal level of fastening in a fast and easy to use method.

The Drop-man anchor was named at the end of February 2018 after a naming competition in the office. The name came from the Dead Man Anchor, another one of the Anchor Systems Family.

Some of the suggested names were very funny, and unfortunately not usable, including ‘The Mary Poppins’ and ‘the Parasol’ due to this looking a little like an umbrella shape when held upside down. However Jordan Smith our Operations Manager ended up winning the Lunch voucher, with the ‘Drop-Man Anchor’.