Launch of the new Vulcan® Tree Anchor system

With our UK Partner and Distributor, Green-Tech

Anchor Systems International Limited partnered up with Green-tech to launch the new Vulcan® Tree Anchor System providing a discreet anchoring system for securing newly planted trees of all sizes in most situations. Our widely used tree kits are strong, durable, practical and very cost effective.

This was launched at FutureScape in November. Our Vulcan Tree Anchoring Systems are the preferred method of securing saplings, Rootballs and supporting established trees. The speed of installation and simplicity of the systems makes Anchor Systems (Interna­tional) Ltd the market leader.

Richard Kay, The Chairman of Green-Tech said: “We’re excited to unveil, after an extensive R&D period, our new tree anchoring kits. They are borne from the extensive civil engineering, ground reinforcement and utility knowledge of The Anchor Systems team and our own wealth of knowledge that comes from supplying anchor systems to the landscape industry for nearly 25 years.”

With Green-tech’s unique insight into installer needs and pitfalls, Anchor Systems was able to design and manufacture a robust and reliable system that meets all end-users requirements. We also offer site visits to assist with the initial installations.

The Vulcan® tree anchor kits are simple to install, easy to adjust and user friendly.

Other benefits of our new tree kit systems

  • Made in Britain – quality and reduced lead times.
  • Produced from high grade steel – stronger and better longevity.
  • The Vulcan Earth Anchor has a larger surface area than previous designs and alternatives on the market – achieves higher loads in poor ground conditions.
  • Wide variety of systems and solutions
  • Multiple anchor installation options – hand held or machine driven.
  • Wider range of 5 different size anchors for small trees under 2m to large trees over 12m
  • Increased durability – lifespan ranges from temporary works to 120 + years.
  • Available with wire or high yield bar tendons.
  • Innovative root ball protection for direct load transfer and easier installation.
  • Universal tools and simple assembly.
  • Cosmetically appealing above and below ground.

Anchor Systems hope to continue working with Green-Tech and developing new ideas in the future. We are constantly developing, innovating and updating our extensive range of unique over ground and underground fixing solutions to suit all applications, so watch this space for further updates to come.