Record Breaking 450kN Load Achieved With The Vulcan Earth Anchor®

We recently completed a highways project where our Vulcan Earth Anchors® were used to achieve a ground breaking 425kN load.

“Sussex based Anchor Systems (International) Ltd recently designed and supplied a driven ground anchor solution to support sheet piled retaining walls for the Mill Green Outlet Village in Cannock. The overall designers of the scheme, Staffordshire Highways, working with Amey, had specified the load requirements for these retaining structures and provided extensive ground investigation data.

Using this data, Anchor Systems (International) Ltd developed a design ground model with the anchors embedded at a depth of approximately 7m in dense Glacial Deposits. Based upon SPT ‘N’ values of 40, it was predicted that the load requirements could be achieved with their AS-300 and AS-400 Vulcan Earth Anchors.

Extensive site testing was carried out to confirm the anchor performance predicted from the ground model. The initial acceptability testing utilised the AS-400 and managed to achieve a maximum 425kN, making it the highest load ever achieved with a driven ground anchor in the UK. This maximum test load was restricted by the safe structural capacity of the anchor components, not by geotechnical failure of the ground.

The testing programme also provided the opportunity for onsite training in the safe and correct use of the installation and load locking equipment. Amey’s staff were therefore able to install the anchors within their own timescales and avoid the need for outsourced specialist contractors.

The high working loads meant that Anchor Systems (International) Ltd were the only driven anchor supplier capable of meeting the design requirements. Careful choice of anchor materials meant the specified 120 year design life was economically achieved. As Vulcan Earth Anchors require no grout or other wet trades, the anchors were fulfilling their intended purpose immediately after installation.”


This project report has also been featured in the January issue of New Civil Engineer Magazine.