Failing Retaining Wall - Somerset

Failing Retaining Wall – Somerset

  • CLIENT : Domestic Private Property
  • INSTALLER : Anchor Systems International Ltd


ASRS, our approved specialist installer of Vulcan Earth Anchors, contacted us regarding a client’s private retaining wall that was failing in Somerset. A comprehensive survey uncovered a critical concern-an ailing retaining wall exhibiting alarming signs of bulging and cracking. This demanded an immediate and effective solution to avert further deterioration.


Our approach involved a meticulous remedial scheme aimed at not only rectifying the current issues but fortifying the structure against future challenges. Using our handheld equipment, ASRS installed 12 AS-50 Vulcan Earth Anchors, fitted with 4m of 16mm 304 stainless steel tendon, a 250mm x 250mm 304 stainless steel load plate attached with a taper washer, and load nut. Each of these systems were installed at 1.5m intervals across the face of the wall which proved the most suitable solution to ensure the load was held and ensure maximum stability. This work successfully restored the structural integrity of the property, providing substantial resistance to further cracking and leaning in the future.

View Full Project Report: Somerset Project Repor