Securing temporary pavilion at Wembley Arena

Temporary Pavillion, Wembley Arena

  • CLIENT : Arena Structures Ltd
  • INSTALLER : Charterbuild Ltd


During the redevelopment of Wembley Arena a large temporary structure was erected to house events. This temporary pavilion and its seating, supplied by Arena Structures, needed to be held securely in place to avoid accidents or wind uplift and be passed fit for public events by local authority officials.


Using a JCB with breaker attachment, Charterbuild installed 270 mechanical ground anchors which were driven 3m into the clays and made ground. The cast iron anchors, with 3m x 15mm galvanised bars, were proof tested to 50kN before being set to a working load of 25kN.

Once installed, the mechanical ground anchors were bolted to the structure to secure the pavilion firmly in place.

Mechanical ground anchors have been specified by Arena Structures on many similar projects as they provide a rapid cost- effective means of securing temporary structures and can be reused if the structure is removed and later returned to the same site.