Anchor Post Telescopic Foundation System for Cable Bridges

Telescopic Foundation System

  • CLIENT : Transport for London


TfL had designed a steel framework for transitioning cables from bridge MR7A onto track level between northbound Metropolitan and Jubilee lines. The designed concrete foundation solution would normally require the removal and re-routing of the existing drainage that was running through this area of the track.

The ground condition in this area was contaminated and therefore any earth and ballast removal and disposal would be problematic. The required installation position for the cable framework was in close proximity to the track and therefore any excavation required for a traditional concrete foundation could potentially undermine the lines.


Anchor Systems designed and developed the Telescopic Base Foundation System to fit within this limited space and with its telescopic legs also provided sufficient adjustment to allow the system to be installed over the existing drainage that was found to be an issue for a traditional concrete foundation to be used. As there isn’t a need for any excavation with the Telescopic Foundation System, the sleepers and track were not compromised during installation at any time.