Retaining Wall, Westleigh Avenue, Richmond

Retaining Wall, Westleigh Avenue, Richmond

  • CLIENT : Red Sky Property
  • DESIGNER : Elite Designers
  • INSTALLER : Anchor Systems International Ltd
  • INSTALLER : Hartmann Construction Ltd


Anchor Systems (International) Ltd were contacted by Red Sky Property to provide a suitable stabilisation
system to prevent a complete wall rebuild in Westleigh Avenue, Richmond. The failing wall had begun to bow
most likely due to increased amounts of pressure from the earth and vegetation behind it. Elite Designers
specified a 12kN/m load was required to resist further movement of the wall.
A G.P.R (Ground Penetrating Radar) scan was carried out to locate any buried services so that these could be
avoided carrying out the project.


After the G.P.R scan was carried out by Intersect Surveys, galvanised AS-20 Vulcan Earth Anchors were proposed
at a 3m install depth based on the 12kN restoring force that needed to be met as well as the on sight
conditions (London blue clay). The 19 Vulcan Earth Anchors were installed across the wall using an excavator
fitted with a breaker attachment. The installation, loading and locking off the anchor systems were carried
out over 4 days proving to be a more time-efficient operation, compared with other solutions such as a
drilled and grouted system, resulting in minimal road/public path closures and a more cost-effective solution
than alternative options such as a full wall rebuild.