Concrete Cable Post Replacement Cat 4

Metropolitan, District, Central Lines, London Underground

  • CLIENT : London Underground Limited
  • CONTRACTORS : Skanska
  • SUB-CONTRACTORS : Arbourtech Services Limited
  • INSTALLER : ASIL/Lineworx


London Underground has been working with Lineworx Ltd to update the current cable carrying system. There are many areas of failing existing concrete cable posts that have been identified as requiring replacement as they are beyond economical repair. Lineworx were asked to create a solution with due consideration to the associated risks and costs of such a large project and decided that the introduction of the patented Anchor Post into the design was the most beneficial option.

Anchor Systems (ASIL) worked with Lineworx to create a solution that considered all of London Underground’s requirements. The solution had to tick all boxes, especially ones concerning cost, installation methodology, health & safety, maintenance and durability.


ASIL developed the Anchor Post to create a foundation solution that could be rapidly and easily installed whilst reducing the overall risk to the installation team as well as the existing infrastructure. The Multi-Piece Anchor Post formed part of this overall solution due to its unique design and allowed the Anchor Post to be driven in between an existing, heavily loaded cable run whilst greatly reducing the risk of cable damage.

The overall solution included an Anchor Post as the foundation, a cable post as the main supporting structure which combines with a Back Plate and J Hangers to directly support the existing cables. All parts were designed to be retro-fitted with ease and speed whilst providing a system with a design life of at least 50 years, which met with London Undergrounds requirements.