Restoration of Lune Aqueduct

Lune Aqueduct

  • CLIENT : British Waterways
  • CONTRACTORS : May Gurney


In 2011 funding to the value of £2.4M was granted to restore the 200-year old Lune Aqueduct to its former glory. In addition to the substantial restoration works, other significant improvements included the creation of a new access ramp for pedestrian access from the new Caton Road Car Park at ground level to the Lune Aqueduct above. It was identified that the slopes adjacent to the ramps would be pinned back using the mechanical ground Anchoring System.


May Gurney enlisted the help of DG Mills with support from Anchor Systems (International) Ltd to provide the world renowned mechanical ground Anchor System to pin back the slopes that overlooked the pedestrian walkway created along the embankment leading to the Lune Aqueduct above.

Tension loads of up to 15kN were determined and the mechanical ground Anchor System was employed to pin back soil slopes faced with geofabric and slope stabilisation mesh.

The installation of the Anchors was completed over the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. Working during the winter months did slow the installation programme.

However, DG Mills employed a system of installing anchors to the required depth along each ramp section and then loading embedded anchors in succession.

This method of working created significant savings to the overall programme based on productivity.

Further programme savings were identified when utilizing the bespoke installation equipment for the Anchor System which allowed rapid installation and instant loading to the mechanical ground anchor system.