Cable Route Management System for London Underground Ltd

CRMS System For London Underground

  • CLIENT : Metronet Rail SSL Ltd as term contractor
  • CONTRACTORS : The Giffen Group


London Underground had a requirement to increase the speed and efficiency of their new CRMS (Cable Route Management System) project. The route was designed to carry their new cabling infrastructure to increase capacity and run the new signalling cables for the upcoming wireless train network.

Traditionally, the cables were supported with a concrete pillar and a hand excavated concrete foundation. These individual posts were being installed at a rate of 10-12 foundations per shift with a 12 operative crew and this did not include the fixings and bracketry as the foundation had to be left to cure.

The program was at high risk of over running on time and costs due to the labour requirements of the existing solution.


Anchor System developed a brand new rapidly installed ground anchoring system that eradicated the need for excavation works and wet trades.

The newly developed Anchor Post foundation utilised light weight handheld installation equipment and offered a huge amount of flexibility for the installers by utilising its innovative domed interface plates.

The Anchor Post is installed within 2-3 minutes and the cable post can be connected immediately along with the associated fixings / bracketry attached to complete the system within the same visit.

The best recorded installation during an 8 hour shift and a 6 operative crew was 76 systems at 2.4m centres = 182.4m of completed new post route.

The solution offered huge reductions in time on site, costs, excavation works, concrete and manual handling whilst ticking quite a few environmental boxes with the anchor post being able to be removed and reused whilst being made from over 60% recycled material.