Log Store Base

  • CLIENT : Private Client
  • CONTRACTORS : Chris Leaver Carpentry


The log store needed to be positioned up against an existing garage that had an oversized concrete base. This allowed the back end of the framework of the log store to be supported on existing concrete. This left a requirement for the 6-metre long front edge of the log store to be supported. The ground was uneven and was approximately 200-250mm lower than the top edge of the concrete. The Anchor Base was the ideal foundation to use in this case as it could be easily adjusted to make up the varied differences in height.


Anchor Systems (International) Ltd (ASIL) worked with Chris Leaver Carpentry to provide a rapidly and easily installed alternative to traditional concrete foundations, that required only small and lightweight equipment to be installed, ideal for garden access.

Once the Anchors were installed, the framework could easily be adjusted to a level position as the Anchor Base is capable of a height variation of 300mm to overcome uneven ground conditions. The installation of the Anchors was completed extremely quickly (4No. Ab installed in 10 minutes percussion driven) and the Anchor Base allowed full load capacity to be achieved immediately, a major practical and time saving advantage compared to the use of wet trades.

Anchor Bases are made from 60% recycled Steel and can be removed and recycled, if need be, without the need to break up concrete, providing a ‘Greener’ alternative.

The whole construction covered a 6m x 1.3m area framework with a log store installed upon this. The time from start to finish of the project was completed in 1 day, with the base completed in less than half an hour. No wet trades or excavation were required, and the Log Store was pre-designed for the space.

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