The 'weather - it's raining or not:......'

Light installation, Hoxton Square

  • CLIENT : RIBA/London Borough of Hackney/Ramboll
  • ARCHITECT : Harry Dobbs Design Ltd
  • INSTALLER : Charterbuild


‘The Weather Yesterday’ by creative practice

Troika has teamed up with RIBA/Hackney Council/Ramboll to create an interactive light installation playfully defining Britain’s obsession with weather. Architects Harry Dobbs designed a number of parasol like structures set around a 5m high visual display of the previous days weather. Harry Dobbs with the canopy type structures have successfully created places of rest, play and discovery which randomly change over the visitors surrounding the creative structures.

The Anchor Post installation was carried out by an approved installer, Charterbuild. With the construction of small structures in a parkland location; an environmentally friendly solution needed to be sought to ensure that there would not be any ecological impact after the structures are removed at some future date. Harry Dobbs required a foundation solution that not only met the design criteria, but also needed to be quick to install and remove after the project.




Ramboll approached ASIL after learning of our patented Anchor Post foundation solution which is widely used in the UK rail sector. It was agreed to perform a site test to determine the loading capacity of the Anchor Post within the ground conditions of the park. This would determine the acceptance criteria for the loading created by the columns and base seat attached to the parasol.

The site test supervised by Harry Dobbs was successful in that the loads achieved under test were well within the load range created by the canopied structures.

10 Anchor Post foundations were installed within 3-4 hours and achieved the required loading capacity.

In the future as the Anchor Post has been designed for removability, the extraction time taken is expected to be significantly less than installed.

There will be no contamination concerns based on the use of the Anchor Post to the local geography.