Hastings Country Park Visitors Centre

  • CLIENT : Green & Castle Ltd
  • ARCHITECT : The Cave Co-operative
  • CONTRACTORS : Green & Castle Ltd
  • INSTALLER : Hartmann Construction Ltd


Hastings Country Park is building a new energy efficient low-carbon building with straw being used as the primary building material.

The roof of the new visitor’s centre was flat and was over hanging to the building, as the building is on a coast line this meant there was significant potential for uplift to the roof that could cause damage.

Anchor Systems were approached to provide a low impact, sustainable anchoring solution to secure the roof of the visitors centre from any wind uplift. A 15kN working load was required per anchor point and 15 anchors would be needed.


A wired marine grade stainless steel Vulcan AS-20 system was proposed and accepted by the architect and design engineer of the project in terms of visual impact of the system and design life.

15 Vulcan Anchors were installed along the length of the visitors centre and attached to the roof via a guying wire and turnbuckle to achieve tension.