Floating Pontoon – Jumeirah Island – Dubai

  • CLIENT : Dubai Municipality
  • DESIGNER : Tellus Design
  • SUB-CONTRACTORS : AL Khaja Innotech


Alkhaja InnoTech were tasked with installing an anchoring system for floating docks on a private island in Jumeirah, Dubai. They wanted an alternative to the standard dead weight concrete anchor blocks that are usually used as they have a greater environmental impact. They needed a product which was more environmentally friendly but could meet the required criteria. A cost-effective solution was also required, the use of heavy crane barges and logistics were a concern. A low-profile design was also another challenge as at low tide the end client didn’t want to see concrete blocks visible and also a safety concern for swimmers and jet ski use.


Tellus Design were commissioned to look at the requirements and came up with a design that used 60 Vulcan Earth Anchors. The AS-120 anchors were connected using 16mm 316 stainless steel wire cable thus complying with the standards for harsh marine use.

The Vulcan anchors along with the plant for installation were shipped out to Bahrain where Al Khaja are based and their team were trained in the installation and loading procedures by Anchor Systems. The equipment and anchors were then sent onto Dubai for operations to begin.

The anchors were subsequently installed using the equipment we had adapted for marine use and all proof loaded to the specified load.