Decking With Steel Frame Cover

  • CLIENT : Private Client
  • INSTALLER : John Michaels


John Michaels were looking for a solution for a project they were working on in the back garden of one of their clients. They required a foundation system for a composite decking platform with a steel framed cover on top. The foundation needed to be strong enough to cope with the weight of the decking and the steel frame.

This project was in a back garden with poor access so using concrete as a foundation was unsuitable. The other alternative was to use the Stop Digging ground screw however that would involve waiting for them to be installed and that did not work with the schedule.


28 Anchor Bases were installed at approx. 1.5m spacings under the large decking framework. Anchor Systems attended the site and trained the John Michaels team on how to install the Anchor Base using handheld equipment. This also allows the installer to easily use the Anchor Base for future projects as they have already had training and no specialist equipment is required for installation.

In under 60 minutes:

  • Training was given
  • 28 Anchor Base systems were installed
  • The framework was attached and levelled off


The speed and simplicity of the Anchor Base was a huge benefit to the installer as well as being more cost effective than the alternatives.


Click Here to view the Anchor Base Brochure