Composite Decking

  • CLIENT : Private Client


Anchor Systems (International) Ltd (ASIL) were approached with a requirement for an easily installed alternative to a concrete or wooden foundation for decking, without the use of heavy machinery due to restricted garden access. The client also wanted to avoid associated mess, excavation and drying times of concrete foundations, also emphasised was the client’s interest in a ‘Greener’ foundation system.


The Anchor Base has been designed by ASIL with consideration to the above challenges faced on site and has been developed to overcome these. Installed using hand-held equipment, access restrictions were not an issue and with zero drying times involved, the Anchor Base was able to reach full load capacity immediately after installation, meaning the decking construction ran smoothly from start to finish, saving on both labour hours and cost.

Anchor Bases are made from 60% recycled Steel and can be removed and recycled, if need be, without the need to break up concrete, providing a ‘Greener’ alternative.

The Anchor Base levels were achieved using a standard level and once installed, could be adjusted easily across varying ground levels (the Anchor Base allows up to 300mm adjustment). This was noted as a significant advantage over other driven foundations, where levelling typically needs to be achieved as they are driven. The ability to adjust the level of the bearing plate after the anchors were installed made the whole process quick and simple, whilst allowing plenty of flexibility across the uneven ground.

The whole construction covered a 7m x 3m area, using 15 Anchors in total. The anchor installation was completed in under 25 minutes and the entire project was completed in 6 – 8 hours (for a two man install). No wet trades or excavation were required, leaving no mess to remove and the decking could be enjoyed straight away.

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