Cardiff International Sports Campus Air Dome

  • CLIENT : Covair Structures Ltd
  • CONTRACTORS : Hartmann Construction Ltd


Covair approached Anchor Systems (International) Ltd with a request of supplying an anchoring solution for a project they were working on with Cardiff International Sports Campus to install a new Double Skin air dome over a full size 3G pitch to allow for use in all weather conditions. The anchoring solution had to be capable of achieving a holding capacity of 64kN (inclusive of FOS) at 1.5m centres around the pitch to secure the Air Domes frame.


Anchor Systems have worked with Covair Structures for many years in providing anchoring solutions and concrete preplacement systems for an array of projects. For this project, an initial site test was conducted by ASIL operatives to determine the most suitable and cost-effective Vulcan Earth Anchor for the required load. After the initial site tests were conducted, the AS-90 Vulcan anchor was confirmed in achieving a 65kN SWL at a 3m driven depth within the available ground conditions. 240 fully galvanised systems were installed at pre-marked positions around the pitch at a 65° angle from horizontal. The anchor was then stressed to the required holding capacity (64kN); this work was carried out over a ten working day period. The alternative solution was to install a concrete ring beam over a four week installation and setting process. This system therefore offered a large cost and time saving benefit to the client as well as minimal mobilisation of vehicle and installation plant.