Generic Anchor Post Foundation for Cable Stiles Corrective and Reactive Maintenance work

Cable Stiles, London Underground Ltd

  • CLIENT : London Underground Limited
  • CONTRACTORS : Skanska
  • SUB-CONTRACTORS : Arbourtech Services Limited


In Feb 2010 Anchor Systems (International) Ltd (ASIL) were approached by London Underground Ltd (LUL) to discuss the potential use of our proprietary Anchor Post foundation solution for an all new Cable Stile Design. Many of the Cable Stiles in service on overland lines were installed many years ago and produced from timber materials. LUL are surveying a number of over ground lines to understand the level of maintenance/replacement required to the Cable Stile assets.


ASIL have been heavily involved with LUL in developing our proprietary Anchor Post Solution for the LUL – SSR Upgrade Programme – ATC & Signalling Immunisation Project. We have now adapted the Anchor Post solution for Cable Stiles and gained formal approval from LUL for the Anchor Post to be used as a foundation for the new various Cable Stile solutions.

The Anchor Post solution provides major installation time savings over and above a conventional foundation. Further development of an installation template has also ensured the accurate positioning of the Anchor Posts during the installation process.

ASIL have worked closely with other material suppliers within the supply chain to ensure the Anchor Post foundation and Cable stile interface issues are designed out.

ASIL have also worked directly with ArborTech on trial erections to eliminate site installation difficulties during engineering hours.

Overall the Anchor Post solution has proved to be successful and added value to the installation process by creating significant saving in engineering hours during the installation process.