Basement Retaining Wall

  • CLIENT : Featherstone Homes Ltd
  • DESIGNER : Contractors Design Service
  • INSTALLER : Hartmann Construction Ltd


Featherstone Homes Ltd contacted Anchor Systems to provide a temporary stabilisation solution to an existing retaining wall during ground excavation for a new basement.

The area of this site was quite small and the project had a tight deadline to meet. Using Vulcan Earth Anchors® instead of an alternative such as props, freed up more space on the site. This allowed other work to continue easily without the need for repositioning of the props and without them being in the way of the floor space. The Vulcan Anchors also proved to be more cost effective than other solutions and offered a quicker installation time too.


Contract Design Services designed a suitable solution with the use of 24 Vulcan Earth Anchors. The design specified two rows of anchors to achieve an ultimate load capacity of 76.5kN on the bottom row and 25.2kN on the top row. Taking information from the required holding capacities and available soils investigation data (which indicated dense gravels and sands), the AS-20 and AS-90 anchors were proposed.

Anchor Systems attended site and carried out successful initial validation tests on the AS-20 & AS-90 Vulcan Anchors. Services within the ground were also located and these were avoided when installing the anchors.

Hartmann Construction Ltd carried out installation works over a five day period including core drilling the 500mm wall to accommodate the anchors. The main road above the ground was also able to remain open to traffic while all the works on the site were carried out and the bars from the anchors were removed once the foundations for the building had been put in place.