West Hampstead Life Extension (WHLE) Project

Anchor Screw Foundation and Quick LOC Staging System

  • CLIENT : Network Rail
  • DESIGNER : GGP Consult, Linbrooke Services & Anchor Systems (International) Ltd
  • CONTRACTORS : Linbrooke Services
  • INSTALLER : Anchor Systems (International) Ltd
  • INSTALLER : CSM Projects Ltd


As part of Network Rail’s Strategic Plan to extend the life of lineside signalling assets between the Kentish Town and Bedford Interlocking areas, a rapidly deployable, zero concrete and environmentally friendly ground anchoring solution and LOC Stage was required. The system had to allow for quick and simple installation of the ground anchors and prefabricated LOC staging platforms on railway embankment slopes, without the need for RRV’s, large equipment, concrete or OLE isolations.


Working together with CSM Specialist Projects, Anchor Systems developed a bespoke and innovative prefabricated GRP staging that could be delivered to site already pre-assembled and then connected directly to Anchor System’s Pile Adapter interface plates on extendable Anchor Screws. The whole system, including all installation equipment, was delivered to the rail location using only track trollies.

The flexible design of the Pile Adapter and innovative LOC stage meant that no legs / beams had to be cut or drilled on site as the plate can be adjusted vertically and allows slight rotation to ensure the staging is perfectly level.

As well as eliminating the need of OLE isolation, zero on track plant or RRV’s were required and no concrete or wet trades were used. In addition, this installation method is portable, lightweight and produces no hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) during use. The torque head has a zero dB reading and the power pack measures 88dB at two metres, making this the ideal solution for night shift work and use in noise sensitive areas.

It is estimated that a 70% embodied carbon reduction was achieved on this project.

Environmental Benefits:

  • All materials being recyclable, easily removable, and reusable
  • Made in the UK from 100% recycled steel, with a minimum design life of 50 years
  • Anchor Screw can be designed to offer 100+ year design life solution
  • No wet trades used, curing times or excavation
  • No requirement for RRV’s
  • Materials can all be transported by hand and with track trollies
  • Portable and lightweight installation equipment
  • Zero HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome)
  • Installation head offers low noise pollution output offering lower disturbance to residents
  • On average the Anchor Screw foundation offers a carbon reduction of over 70%.

Download the Project Report PDF: Flitwick – Quick Stage Project Report