Toolbox Installation Assemblies

Acton Town Station

  • CLIENT : London Underground Limited


London Underground has been working with SPCM toupdate the trackside assets on the network near crossings. It has been identified that the works that are undertaken at crossing generally occur in possession time due to the nature of the work and proximity to the live track. Due to working in possessions there is always the philosophy to see if time can be reduced in the necessary operations  that occur in the maintenance of level crossing.

Therefore, feedback has been that to increase output tools and parts should be readily available at the jobsite. A large part of the time in crossing refurbishment workers have to manually carry anything up to 50Kg’s of product, equipment and tools to the working area prior to getting the works started. SPCM were engaged by London Underground to trial a suitable solution to this situation where the parts could be readily available on location for the refurbishment to begin at the prescribed time.


The consensus was to have a toolbox local to the crossing which would be stocked with essential tools such as spanners, sockets and service/spare point products which would be used in level crossing refurbishment.

SPCM engaged Anchor Systems (International) Ltd (ASIL) to incorporate the rapid Anchor Post foundation technology with specialist fabricated toolboxes. A trial was undertaken where the toolbox system was constructed within a swift timescale due to portable plant that was handled on site and the nature of the Anchor Post solution not requiring wet trades during installation.

Sixteen Toolbox care kits were constructed at various locations around Acton station to reduce the overall time on site and reduce risks to operatives during this period. Further crossings are now being scheduled to have these trackside care kits installed to achieve the benefits gained at Acton Station.