Anchor Post for LUL Framework Contractors

The Anchor Post system has been utilised in the upgrade of the Cable Route Management System for the London Underground routes to date. Installation Contractors experienced with our Anchor Post System have provided us with their comments on the capability of our approved system.

CRMS installation at South Watford Junction – Cleshars Say

The Anchor system method of constructing LUL cable runs was successfully used by Cleshar during Met line contracts in late 2009 to mid 2010.The system was very effective and versatile with an excellent daily output compared to more traditional methods of excavating usually manually and installing heavy concrete posts. Our operatives within two to three shifts of using the Anchor system were installing on average 40-50 posts per day or approximately 100m of posts route on embankments of various gradients without much difficulty. I would certainly use this method for installing post routes in the future and was more than happy with the customer service from the staff at Anchor Systems.

CK – Cleshar

Metropolitan & District Lines – Giffen Group Say

Over the duration of our CRMS contract works with LU, Giffen Group have been required to undertake installation in numerous locations along both the Metropolitan and District Lines of the London Underground network.

In doing this, various ground conditions have been encountered that have required different installation methodologies to be employed,one of which has been the use of Anchor Post systems. It is our experience that the use of these systems in normal ground conditions is both a more cost effective and time saving method, and has enabled us to achieve the target dates set out in the various contracts we have worked upon.

The main benefits can be summarised as follows;

  • Ease of installation
  • Time and cost saving
  • Savings on material use and arisings
  • Manual handling

To date the use of these anchor posts has proved successful in the majority of cases, examples include installations undertaken around Harrow-on-the-Hill, Barking and Upney, Neasden Depot and Northwood to Pinner where several kilometres of route have been completed using the anchor post systems.

CL – Giffen Group